Vernadsky University Engages in the VIII Nevsky International Forum

Vernadsky University proudly participated in the VIII Nevsky International Forum contributing to a conference centered on the internationalization of higher education.

Vernadsky University Engages in the VIII Nevsky International Forum

During the expert dialogue, "Internationalization of higher education – the driving force of institutional transformation of society, economy, and state", a broad spectrum of topics was explored, focusing on the primary challenges of internationalization, strategies for overcoming these challenges and the institutional transformation of society.

Larisa Taradina, Head of the International Office at Vernadsky University, delivered an address in that conference. Mrs. Taradina emphasized that Vernadsky University sees internationalization as more than just a means to enhance educational quality. It is also a platform for fostering interactions between students and young people from friendly countries. These interactions lay the groundwork for future business collaborations, experience sharing and the expansion of agricultural product exports.

The conference facilitated the exchange of experiences and best practices among representatives from various educational institutions. It also led to the development of collaborative plans with international partners, targeting specific areas of cooperation for mutual benefit.

By participating in such forums, Vernadsky University reaffirms its commitment to advancing the internationalization of higher education and strengthening global partnerships.